A Little About Me

I’m a Cancer cusp Gemini but on the Enneagram I’m a 7 who for a long time had a strong 8 wing but now I’ve been developing my 6 side. I think I’m an INFP but am regularly told by those that love me the most that I’m much more of ENFJ. But you’ll probably understand me better if I tell you that I just moved back to my family’s farm that we’ve had since before the country was born and while I love this heritage I still find that I don’t normally stay still for long.

What I’m Up To

I had a stint as a community organizer in Chicago (before it was cool/communist code for agents deployed to destroy America) and then worked in DC for 7 years primarily around strategy and communications. After a brief hiatus in which I learned how to make cheese on a goat farm in Turkey, picked a few olives in Greece and served as an apprentice to a butcher in Tuscany. This site is a portal into a few different projects I’ve been working on.

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    Mostly about food, travel, farming, spirituality and then addiction. Addiction is a big one right now.

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    Vagabond Strategery

    I work with businesses and non-profits to develop and implement digital communications strategies. If you need help, check out www.vagabondconsultingllc.com

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    Food and Farming

    I love to cook. I love to eat. While I don’t run the farm, I’m basically it’s uncle. I help out, babysit sometimes and then hand it right back to it’s parents. You can find them at www.clarkridgefarm.org