A Little About Me

I’m a Cancer cusp Gemini but on the Enneagram I’m a 7 who for a long time had a strong 8 wing but now I’ve been developing my 6 side. I think I’m an INFP but am regularly told by those that love me the most that I’m much more of ENFJ. But you’ll probably understand me better if I tell you that I just moved back to my family’s farm that we’ve had since before the country was born and while I love this heritage I still find that I don’t normally stay still for long.

What I’m Up To

I had a stint as a community organizer in Chicago (before it was cool/communist code for agents deployed to destroy America) and then worked in DC for 7 years primarily around strategy and communications. After a brief hiatus in which I learned how to make cheese on a goat farm in Turkey, picked a few olives in Greece and served as an apprentice to a butcher in Tuscany. This site is a portal into a few different projects I’ve been working on.

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    Mostly about food, travel, farming, spirituality and then addiction. Addiction is a big one right now.

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    Vagabond Strategery

    I work with businesses and non-profits to develop and implement digital communications strategies. If you need help, check out www.vagabondconsultingllc.com

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    Food and Farming

    I love to cook. I love to eat. While I don’t run the farm, I’m basically it’s uncle. I help out, babysit sometimes and then hand it right back to it’s parents. You can find them at www.clarkridgefarm.org


Over 100 People In America Die Every Day from Opioids

One of them could have been me.

I wrote my story for Christianity Today last year. Now, I’ve turned it into a study guide to help faith communities and others start the conversation about this crisis and other hidden addictions.

But it doesn’t stop there. Addiction is something that touches all of our lives in ways that we don’t always know.

Click here if you’d like your free study guide to learn more and start a conversation.